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The Jemsek Protocol®: Our holistic five-step approach to diagnosis and treatment.


Our individualized and uniquely tailored Jemsek Protocol® is rapidly becoming an important standard of care for the treatment of Lyme Borreliosis Complex. The Jemsek Protocol® strives to combine the best of both Western and Eastern medicine, and consists of either an oral or an intravenous approach to treatment.  

Jemsek® Specialty Clinic’s approach to treatment is multi-pronged and involves careful sequencing of anti-infective medications which target the bacteria, fungi, and protozoa responsible for Lyme Borreliosis Complex. Medications are used in various combinations and are typically administered on a pulsing (intermittent) basis which takes advantage of the infections’ life cycles. This approach has the additional benefit of allowing the body to recover between treatment cycles.

A key initial step to the success of our program is to identify and stabilize debilitating symptoms and eliminate other barriers in the way of effective care. In order to do this, we utilize a system created by Dr. Jemsek, termed POEMS.


Jemsek® Specialty Clinic’s Program to Identify and Stabilize Debilitating Chronic Lyme Symptoms

P – pain

O – other (social support, access to care)

E – endocrine/metabolic

M – mood

S – sleep

Recommendations for symptom stabilization (POEMS) are followed by a tailored and individualized treatment program. You will be carefully monitored and evaluated throughout the treatment process, and your Jemsek® Specialty Clinic provider will track your progress and adjust your program accordingly to best meet your treatment goals.

Our friendly staff look forward to discussing your experiences and we are available to answer any questions or concerns you may have about scheduling an initial appointment.