Our clinic is located in downtown Washington, DC within easy access from major airports, train stations, and highways. Below are resources to assist you in making travel arrangements for your appointment. Should you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our staff.





We are conveniently a 15-20 minute cab/Uber ride to DCA (Regan National Airport) or a 25-30 minute ride to Union Station. There is also a parking garage attached to our building for easy parking.





Below you will find information about hotels in our area, including hotels that give discounts to patients and a search window that allows you to search and sort hotels by location (or price, ratings, or other criteria).


Discounted Hotels for Patients


Being fully aware of how costly hotels can be, we have made arrangements with several hotels located close by the office to provide preferred rates for our patients. When making reservations, please be sure to identify yourself with the Jemsek™ Specialty Clinic to ensure that you receive the preferred rate. Please note that when most of these hotels have 80% occupancy, these special rates are not available. If you encounter any issues, do not hesitate to contact our office; we are here to help.


Avenue Suites

Price: Off-Peak: $169 Peak: $229
Proximity: 0.2 miles from clinic – 3 minute walk
To book at discounted rate: Click here
Booking Questions: Dwight Harris, 202.337.7600 or 888.874.0100

The River Inn

Price: Off-Peak: $159 Peak: $229
Proximity: 0.4 miles from clinic – 7 minute walk
To book at discounted rate: Click here
Booking Questions: Sales Coordinator, 202.403.2613

The Melrose Hotel

Price: 10% Flexible Rate (hotel website)
Proximity: 0.2 mi from clinic – 4 minute walk
To book at discounted rate: Click here or uses promo code JEMSEK (rates are exempt from $25/night Destination Fee)
Booking Questions: Account Manager, Chris Chamoun, or 202.955.3838

The Westin Georgetown

Price: Off-Peak: $269 Peak: $339
Proximity: 0.1 mi from clinic – 2 minute walk
To book at discounted rate: use promo code SET#209150 online, or use corporate code 209150 by phone
Booking Questions: Group Coordinator Megan Wagner, 202.955.4411

Hilton Garden Inn

Price: Off-Peak: $215 Jan, Feb, Jul, Aug-Sep 2, Nov 16-Dec 31 Peak: $297 Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Sep 3-Nov 15
Proximity: 1.5 miles, 10 minute drive
To book at discounted rate: Note that this a negotiated rate for the Jemsek Specialty Clinic. Booking Questions: Call 202.524.7806 or 877.782.9444 request company rate


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