[Dr. Jemsek and his staff] know what they are doing. You’ll be in good hands. Totally recommend. They are the best at dealing with Lyme.
— Joshua Henry
What do you say about someone who has saved your life?
— Angela Williams
[Dr. Jemsek] is a doctor’s doctor.
— Dr. G, Anesthesiologist (North Carolina)
We are grateful to [Dr. Jemsek and his staff] for [their] warm & generous care.
— Achar & Maire R. (United Kingdom)
[Dr. Jemsek and his staff] offer the best care possible for Lyme patients. Dr. Jemsek understands Lyme. They have improved my life greatly.
— Lorna Brine
[Dr. Jemsek] gave my life back to me, along with his wonderful staff.
— Megan Melnick
I am so grateful for the thorough and thoughtful care I have received at the Jemsek®Clinic. They are outstanding! I cannot recommend them highly enough. They are excellent!
— Jane Dickerson
[Dr. Jemsek’s] staff are amazing, they are exceptionally thorough, and will answer what ever questions you have... The staff are friendly and very knowledgeable.
— Doug Buck
[Dr. Jemsek] saved my daughter’s life!!
— Trisha L.
[Dr. Jemsek and the staff] do a full body check which last about three hours on your first visit. Each appointment thereafter will be about an hour and half. They really care and really listen.
— Renada Harris
[Dr. Jemsek runs a] very thorough practice. [Dr. Jemsek and his staff] run safety labs every cycle to check on all your organs and make sure you’re responding ok to meds. That’s a great thing that MANY other Lyme doctors do not take time or care to do. They have given me my life back. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
— Jennifer Hightower
[We] know God sent us to [Dr. Jemsek] 10 years ago. The four of us have been on this healing journey together. [We thank Dr. Jemsek] for [his] continuing wisdom, persistence, patience & compassion.
— Ellen & Horace
I am beyond grateful for [Dr. Jemsek]. After a decade of being toured around by doctors and specialists, [Dr. Jemsek was] my light at the end of the tunnel. [Dr. Jemsek’s] knowledge and persistence in the Lyme world is highly commendable. [Dr. Jemsek has] changed my life for the better. [He made] me feel heard. Now I know I wasn’t crazy. I have learned so much form [Dr. Jemsek] about Lyme. I take all the information and spread it down here in Georgia. Please never stop searching for the cure. If anyone’s going to find it, I am confident that it will be [Dr. Jemsek]. [Dr. Jemsek is] a miracle worker…!
— Cole R.
For myself and many others whom I have met while dealing with this illness, Dr. Jemsek is absolutely critical to our care and to the health and well-being of countless patients in the Southeast. I cannot even allow myself to imagine what shape I would be in today had I not found Dr. Jemsek. He and his staff have been incredibly caring and supportive and the absolute definition of credibility and professionalism.
— Robin H. (Chapel Hill, North Carolina)
When I came to [Dr. Jemsek] I was in and out of high school missing days because of aches and exhaustion. After completing [Dr. Jemsek’s] treatment I returned to being a normal high school student, graduating valedictorian. I received a full ride to Boston University with Navy ROTC as an Aerospace Engineering student. At BU I’ve made the Dean’s List and am participating in constructing a satellite for the Air Force. This spring, I will be participating in my first Triathlon. … Thank you.
— Jonathan M.
I have been seeing Dr Jemsek for over 15 years. He has pulled me out of a hole more than once and has kept me living well and functioning well. I cannot say enough good about him. Not to mention that he personally has made great sacrifices to be able to continue to treat chronic lyme. No clinic is perfect and it is always the duty of the patient to advocate for themselves. If you don’t get a call back, well call again. This is a very busy practice seeing many sick people......at best it is a very very tough job. Thank you Dr Jemsek for always being there for me and for the rest of the Lyme community!
— Elizabeth Jordan
The first appointment is VERY thorough and lasts about three hours. I never felt rushed, and I never felt like I was wasting my time. Support staff were calming and respectful and the first med change made an immediate difference. I was called immediately after lab results showed an immediate need for a medication, which I truly appreciated. They could have waited until my appointment early next week, but they called anyway. I’ve seen this man on Under Our Skin and I am impressed with his demeanor and his practice. Thank goodness for people like him.
— Lori Anderson
During the last five years, I have traveled with my daughter on 11 hour trips across several states for her to see Dr. Jemsek. He was our last, best hope for my daughter. We have been to 8 doctors, 4 hospitals, multiple nutritionists, etc, to try to find help. My once bright, healthy, athletic teenager was now a frail, sickly, shadow of what she once was. Dr. Jemsek was the answer to our prayers and my daughter’s results under his treatment have been nothing short of miraculous. He has saved my daughter’s life and for that I will be eternally grateful.
— Wallis B. (Montgomery County, Pennsylvania)
[Dr. Jemsek] LITERALLY saved my life! Its a tough, long road to wellness. You need a provider who understands how to really handle this and make you well. Dr. [Jemsek] and his staff are fantastic. You will be in great and knowledgeable hands. They have made my entire family well again, two kids and two adults. We were very skeptical going into this, but he’s the only one who really made sense. And, in the end, he really does know what he’s talking about. We paid thousands of dollars for other opinions to doctors who say they are Lyme literate BUT won’t treat without a positive test. It just literally means they are more concerned about their reputation than they are about making you well.
— Lori Smith
Out of frustration from lack of support in the medical community and through my own research, I found Dr. Jemsek. I contacted several specialists around the country looking for answers and repeatedly Dr. Jemsek was suggested as a point of contact. Hearing the same name mentioned by people across the country gave me a glimmer of hope. At my first appointment with him, Dr. Jemsek explained the nature of the disease, how it is diagnosed, and the treatment process in great detail. He also stated that it was going to be a long, hard road. I am ten times better due to his care, and owe my improved quality of life to Dr. Jemsek.
— Mandy H. (Kissimmee, Florida)
Dr. Jemsek has been incredibly instrumental in helping me heal from Lyme Disease. My previous LLMD called in a favor from Dr. Jemsek to take over my care after a long hospitalization when other doctors thought I wasn’t going to make it out alive and they had no idea how to help. He has supported me and given me hope since my first appointment in September 2011. He listens to my concerns and shows tremendous care. While he is an Infectious Disease specialist, I am continually blown away by his understanding of the way the disease can affect all areas of the body. When I feel discouraged, he reminds me of the day we met and I certainly have come a long way. He has kept his promise to never give up on me. While I see many specialists, my husband and I both check with Dr. Jemsek whenever in doubt because we trust him more than any other doctor. I also see his Physician’s Assistant, Rachel Markey and she is a wonderful blessing too! She has great bedside manner, she thinks outside the box, she spends a great deal of time with me during appointments, and she stepped in when I had a big setback while Dr. Jemsek was speaking in London. I now make my appointments with either of them because they sometimes have different ideas and are great at researching new treatment methods. They are a wonderful team and I highly recommend them both!
— Lindsey Moon
[Dr. Jemsek] gave our child quality of life back [and] literally saved a life. Our child had a CDC positive Lyme test and was ill at least a year before diagnosis. Dr. J is a leader in the field for those with late stage Lyme and other tick infections. This is a very busy practice with patients traveling from across the US and world so if you need hand holding it is probably not the place for you. If you don’t understand that you will get worse (possible much worse for quite some time) before you get better when you start treatment, it’s not for you. If you don’t have patience to wait a few days to hear back from them or perhaps call again as a prompt, it’s not for you. If you aren’t up to coordinating other parts of your care when new symptoms arise, like cardiology, ophthalmology and so on, then it’s not for you. Recovering takes a long time as the current treatment methods can only chip away at longstanding and multiple infections but the past 2+ years we witnessed the gradual improvements. It worked well for our child who is finally back in school full-time and healthy again.
I have been with Dr. Jemsek since he was at his Fort Mill, SC clinic in 2009. My initial appointment with him was hours long, because he literally looked at my entire body for evidence of coinfections. My neurological exam was extensive. I had no balance, positive Hoffman’s sign, clonus in my left foot, underwelming reflexes, extremely low energy and strength, lethargy, insomnia, hand tremors, and was in a wheelchair. I had taken 2 Igenix tests, was CDC negative on both, but looking at the Western Blots, there was plenty of evidence to the contrary.

I followed him to DC and he has remained my provider, I didn’t want to see anyone else. Through palpation upon examination, he found my spleen and liver to be swollen, indicative of Babesia infection. I showed signs of Bartonella as well. But, there was the glaring problem of Neuroborreliosis, which manifested itself in focal and grand mal seizures through my damaged limbic system. My cerebellum is permanently damaged, giving me short term memory loss. He has become my primary care provider due to my health issues belonging to LBC. He’s part of my family. He doesn’t take insurance because he was attacked in North Carolina by Blue Cross Blue Shield for $100 million due to people who expected a quick fix, a suicide blamed on a prescription he wrote with clear instructions from him and the pharmacist. People with closed ears often blame others instead of themselves. He has clear statements in his paperwork for patients to read and make a decision on. Would you trust insurance companies for an unfounded attack when running a practice? He doesn’t, and neither would I.

His brand new Huntersville, NC clinic was sold to pay the lawsuit. It’s a gorgeous building and was what he wanted: a place where LBC patients could come, feel relaxed, and not stress. Despite the sale, there is a hyperbaric center there, and I completed 40 dives, down to 1.5 atm over 90 minutes and sweated out the toxins in an infrared sauna for 60 mins at 135°F (a dry heat).

As a Chemist and Microbiologist, I knew the ride would be long. I’ve had a port-a-cath in my chest for IV antibiotics and hydration, and still do. Jarisch-Herxheimer reactions are severely crippling, but it shows progress. There’s no quick fix for Lyme and coinfections, and people need to understand that. Each case is unique, therefore his protocols vary. If you get an acute infection and treat correctly, you don’t belong here. He is here for chronic cases, someone to turn to when everybody else shuns you. There’s not a cure, sad to say. He may seem expensive, but think about what he has to do: Pay his rent, employees, supplies, prescriptions on hand, compound IV antibiotics, etc. If you’ve never run your own business, you’re out of the loop. He’s not playing with your health, he’s taking a bullet for it. Have respect for what he has done in the 20 years he’s treated HIV/AIDS in North Carolina, and his switch to the inequality of LBC.
— Zoja Herscha