Supplements Aiding in Lyme Disease Fight

Pinella – Brain/Nerve Cleanse is an herbal extract made from Pimpinella Anisum, commonly known as Anise, or Aniseed, and has been used by indigenous groups from the Mediterranean to southwest Asia for centuries. Primary benefits of the cleanse include reducing inflammation, the elimination of toxins from both the brain and central nervous systems, and reducing brain fog.

Battling Lyme With Probiotic Beverages: Kombucha & Kefir

Kombucha is fermented tea that contains live bacteria and yeast—as such, it boasts the benefits of a probiotic, including improved digestion. So, why try kombucha for Lyme disease? It promotes health and healing by fighting off pathogens and detoxifying your body, which in turn boosts your immune system–thus helping to fight Lyme. Furthermore, its anti-inflammatory components lessen muscle and joint pain as well as stiffness. Some say it even improves mood due to its high levels of Vitamin B. Ultimately, this antioxidant aids in helping you feel better day-by-day.