Documentaries on Lyme Disease

Under Our Skin and Under Our Skin 2: Emergence are two must-see films if you are suffering from Lyme or caring for someone who is. Touted as the “untold story of Lyme disease,” the Los Angeles Times calls it “eye opening, frightening and powerful. The Washington Post describes it as a “well-made thriller that gets under your skin.”

From the producers of the film: “UNDER OUR SKIN is a powerful and often terrifying look not only at the science and politics of the disease, but also the personal stories of those whose lives have been affected and nearly destroyed. From a few brave doctors who risk their medical licenses, to patients who once led active lives but now can barely walk, the film uncovers a hidden world that will astound viewers.”

These are great movies to send to family members, friends, and co-workers who may not understand the challenges and devastation that Lyme wreaks on people’s lives. Like they say, “you don’t get it, until you get it.” Help others understand Lyme, and you.

You can get copies of these films by visiting the website.