The Jemsek Clinic Partners with Leading Travel Agency to Help It’s Patients Reduce Stress and Aggravation While Getting to and from the Clinic

The last thing you and your family need is the stress that can come with coordinating airfare, hotel, and rental car arrangements. In order to help our patients better prepare for their trip to the clinic, we have partnered with the trusted folks at Frosch-Mann Travels. They boast a team of highly trained travel professionals who are ready to help you with nearly all of your arrangements so you can rest easy. For a nominal fee, they will make all of your travel arrangements, obtain the best rates available, make any changes needed due to unforeseen circumstances, and even step in when travel plans go awry mid-trip!

By working with Frosch-Mann Travels, you will receive the following services:

  • Booking of your Airline tickets, Hotel Reservations and Rental Car if needed.
  • A search for the lowest airfare possible.
  • Negotiated hotel rates (see attached) with the following hotels within a 2-3 mile radius.
  • Complete Confidentiality

Frosch Mann Travels has designated 2 very experienced travel agents to help you with your travel needs.

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