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Re-emergence of the Jemsek Specialty Clinic

Development of Jemsek Specialty Clinic

The Birth of the Jemsek Specialty Clinic of SC, Emergence from Bankruptcy and Rededication to the Lyme Borreliosis Pandemic, with Related Comments on the Demise of the Corrupt US Healthcare System

Jemsek Specialty Clinic – Business Plan

This article is written in collaboration with nationally recognized author PJ Langhoff and is intended to serve as a document which supports a more formal business plan document presented separately by Jemsek attorneys in October 2008 to the United States Bankruptcy Court, Western District, Charlotte, NC; the latter document represents formal application to the Court for Dr. Jemsek’s exit from Chapter 11 Bankruptcy after a period of over 2 years with this status. All information submitted to the Court is open for review by not only the Court, but also to all creditors of the party in bankruptcy. As is discussed in the contents, the crushing and ruthless action brought against Dr. Jemsek by the $5BB health insurance company, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, was the crucial factor which forced the Jemsek Clinic and Dr. Jemsek into bankruptcy in the fall of 2006, and which decimated a thriving clinic. The historical and editorial aspects of this piece are intended to portray to the Court the full scope of Dr. Jemsek’s impact in the Charlotte community, a forthright assessment of the forces which were brought against him, and the recovery of the Jemsek practice now known as Jemsek Specialty Clinic of South Carolina.


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