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Over the years, we have received thousands of ‘thank you’ letters from our patients. When we created our new website, we thought that our visitors might like to read some of those comments. A small sampling of the patient testimonials are now posted below. If you have a testimonial that you would like to share, please send it to us, along with your approval to use it online!


I want the world to know how blessed we are to have you and I want your practice to continue to grow because you have the ability, knowledge and compassion to help so many people. I look forward to the day that NC has to admit that you know more about Lyme and HIV/AIDS infections than the NCMB.

Lincoln County, NC


Dr. Jemsek,

You probably do not remember me but I was a patient of yours about four years ago for Lyme Disease. I am sorry to have heard about your troubles and wish you the best in fighting for the patients who have nowhere else to turn. When I came to you I was in and out of high school missing days because of aches and exhaustion. After completing your treatment I returned to being a normal high school student, graduating valedictorian. I received a full ride to Boston University with Navy ROTC as an Aerospace Engineering student. At BU I’ve made the Dean’s List and am participating in constructing a satellite for the Air Force. This spring, I will be participating in my first Triathlon. I just figured you might want to know how you have helped me and what I have done with the opportunity you helped give me. Thank you.

Jonathan M.


For myself and many others whom I have met while dealing with this illness, Dr. Jemsek is absolutely critical to our care and to the health and well-being of countless patients in the Southeast. I cannot even allow myself to imagine what shape I would be in today had I not found Dr. Jemsek. He and his staff have been incredibly caring and supportive and the absolute definition of credibility and professionalism.

Robin H.
Chapel Hill, NC


I appreciate Dr. Jemsek’s willingness to treat advanced Lyme, a serious, complex, spreading and deceptively common condition. His treatment has made it possible for me to begin to get well.

Carol B.
Chapel Hill, NC


Dr. Jemsek is the only nationally-recognized Lyme-literate doctor in North or South Carolina. He has treated hundreds, if not thousands of patients ill with Lyme disease and co-infections. He has a body of clinical experience and understanding that is irreplaceable and literally beyond price. That he is the only doctor in this region with that level of experience and understanding is a disgrace. The disgrace is not his. The disgrace is that of the established medical practice that, in its ignorance and arrogance, has so trivialized and ignored this very dangerous disease, marginalized those suffering from it and, at the same time, swept a growing epidemic under the rug.

Thomas Parkman
Columbia, SC


After 15 years of various diagnoses and treatments by approximately two dozen very fine and compassionate physicians and medical specialists, as well as diagnoses from medical visits at the Mayo Clinic, Wake Forest Baptist Hospital, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Medical Center, it was not until 2004 that I experienced any relief. This was the date of my first appointment with Dr. Jemsek in Huntersville.

Shirley B.
Greensboro, NC


During the last five years, I have traveled with my daughter on 11 hour trips across several states for her to see Dr. Jemsek. He was our last, best hope for my daughter. We have been to 8 doctors, 4 hospitals, multiple nutritionists, etc, to try to find help. My once bright, healthy, athletic teenager was now a frail, sickly, shadow of what she once was. Dr. Jemsek was the answer to our prayers and my daughter’s results under his treatment have been nothing short of miraculous. He has saved my daughter’s life and for that I will be eternally grateful.

Wallis B.
Montgomery County, PA


I am proud to say that I am 21 years old and healthy, thanks to Dr. Joseph Jemsek. I have been battling Lyme Disease for eight years. I wish that I had found Dr. Jemsek sooner so that I could have enjoyed my adolescence like any other normal young adult. Going to Dr. Jemsek has been the best thing I could have ever done. He has given me my life back, and I truly believe that he and his staff are a brilliant, life-giving force in a world that is trying to suppress them. If there is any justice in this world, the scales will tip in favor of Dr. Jemsek.

Joanna B.


I am getting better everyday, and have not forgotten what you have done for my family. In fact, with every success and every day of my life in the future you and your staff will always be in the forefront of my mind, with my utmost gratitude.

So no matter how dark…do not give up…as you have taught me…

Gretchen W.
Apex, NC


I cannot tell you what a godsend Dr. Jemsek has been in my life. I am thrilled to not only be functional again, but also active and living a full life; something I would have never thought possible before meeting Dr. Jemsek. I applaud him for his courage and commitment to treating such difficult and complicated cases.

Kimberly R.
Wilmington, NC


Out of frustration from lack of support in the medical community and through my own research, I found Dr. Jemsek. I contacted several specialists around the country looking for answers and repeatedly Dr. Jemsek was suggested as a point of contact. Hearing the same name mentioned by people across the country gave me a glimmer of hope.

At my first appointment with him, Dr. Jemsek explained the nature of the disease, how it is diagnosed, and the treatment process in great detail. He also stated that it was going to be a long, hard road. I am ten times better due to his care, and owe my improved quality of life to Dr. Jemsek.

Mandy H.
Kissimmee, FL

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