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Lyme Disease – A Detailed Overview

A Detailed Overview of Lyme Disease

Dear Valued Reader,

The following “Lyme Disease” review is a slightly abridged and updated version of text written in 2002. This edition does not reflect the totality of our experience with this fascinating disease complex. In 2007, we hope to present a subsequent edition which reflects our clinic’s strengths in this field, namely practical diagnostic and treatment approaches.

We apologize if some of the material appears dated to some, and for the poorly coordinated bibliography. None the less, we selected sections from the old site based on their relevance and possible benefit to practitioners and patients, recognizing that experience and competence with this disease is distinctly uncommon at this time. Much of what we have learned in this area of medicine is not yet a part of the medical vernacular.

In the four years since our original text was written, our clinic has 1) changed its name to Jemsek Specialty Clinic, 2) evaluated a cumulative total of 2500 patients from 43 states and several countries with the differential diagnosis of tick borne illness, 3) established a Lyme Research Group with several projects underway, 4) established a world class custom-designed database for research purposes, and 5) lectured to a variety of professional audiences on this disorder.

As many are aware, The Jemsek Specialty Clinic has experienced, and continues to live in, some interesting times. We receive daily affirmation of success from those we have helped. The support we have received from patients, families and colleagues has been intensely rewarding.

Peace and health,

Joseph G. Jemsek, MD

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