Lyme Books and Movies

  • Bite Me: How Lyme Disease Stole My Childhood, Made Me Crazy, and Almost Killed Me

    Ally Hilfiger  Ally was at a breaking point when she woke up in a psych ward at the age of eighteen. She couldn’t put a sentence together, let alone take a shower, eat a meal, or pick up a phone. What had gone wrong? Only...Read More »
  • Lyme Loonies

    David Skidmore Life can be a comedy or tragedy. Lyme Loonies is a little bit of both. In the first cartoon book about Lyme disease, creator David Skidmore captures and illuminates the struggles faced by those with the illness. The silly, savvy, and witty cartoons...Read More »
  • Pediatric Lyme Practitioner Tara Fox, CPNP

    Meet Tara Fox, CPNP At the Jemsek Specialty Clinic, we’re fortunate to have some of the most caring, compassionate, and experienced caregivers in the field of Lyme disease today. In our Provider Profile, we spotlight team members so you get to know them more personally....Read More »
  • Documentaries on Lyme Disease: “Under Our Skin” and “Under Our Skin 2: Emergence”

    These two films are a must see if you are suffering from Lyme or caring for someone who is. Touted as the “untold story of Lyme disease,” the Los Angeles Times calls it “eye opening, frightening and powerful. The Washington Post describes it as a...Read More »
  • Lab 257: Lyme Connection?

    Lab 257, for many the birthplace of the U.S. Biological weapons program and for others, is an all-too-close proximity to Old Lyme, Conn. Old Lyme is the location of the first concentrated outbreak of Lyme disease in current times. Michael C. Carroll raises many questions,...Read More »

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