A Whole New Look: The J-Letter Is Now The Lyme Letter!

You might be wondering why this month’s newsletter looks different. Here at the Jemsek Specialty Clinic, we decided to revamp our newsletter to make it more patient-centric. You’ll still enjoy the patient profiles we know you’ve come to love—tales of others with Lyme and their inspiring stories of how they deal with the disease. We know that these features create a sense of camaraderie, inspire hope, and aid in breaking down the feeling of isolation that can be so easily tapped into with Lyme. In fact, this month we have an in-depth and uplifting profile on harpist Astrid Walschot-Stapp. We’ll also continue to put a spotlight on staff members, so that you can get to know more thoroughly the people treating you. We’ll especially do this when new practitioners come on board, to keep all faces familiar. You will also continue to be kept up-to-date on clinic news and research. In this issue, you can learn about Dr. Jemsek’s recent presentation at the Academy of Nutritional Medicine of the UK conference in London! Our aim in revitalizing the newsletter is to add on to, not take away from, the sections you’ve grown to love.

We don’t want this newsletter to be all about us! We want it to be all about you!

So what new and exciting things can you look forward to? To start, you can expect to receive newsletters from us more frequently, which means you will have more opportunities to feel connected to and learn from the Lyme community. While topics covered will vary from issue-to-issue, some of the explored subjects you can come to expect in your inbox are as follows:

Event spotlights: We are going to keep you updated on big events that are held nationwide and even worldwide in support of Lyme disease, such as marathons, walks, etc. That way, you have the chance to get involved—not only to support research but also to connect with other people fighting through Lyme disease.

Co-infection spotlights: Too often, co-infections are not discussed alongside Lyme disease, but here at the Jemsek Specialty Clinic we know that in order to treat Lyme you have to treat all of the other tickborne illnesses often found in Lyme patients’ bodies. That’s why we refer to Lyme disease as the Lyme Borreliosis Complex (LBC), because often there’s not just one infection. We aim to educate readers on the different co-infections and delve deeper into what each one really means for your health.

The Psychology of Lyme: We know that Lyme disease can take a toll on family dynamics, relationships, and even friendships. Not only that, as so many Lyme patients know, even many doctors tell those with Lyme disease that it’s all in their heads. This stigma needs to stop. By bringing awareness to the mental health side of Lyme disease, we hope to promote understanding and break down misconceptions.

Nutrition: You can look forward to highlights of different recipes and health supplements that our patients swear by. From detoxifying methods to gluten-free dinner ideas and tips for cutting back on sugar, we will present you with new options, because we know it can be difficult to find foods to put into your body that won’t cause flare-ups.

Exercise: We will feature different exercises that can help with pain management, such as yoga, walking, and stretching. We know that many Lyme patients have physical limitations, and we want to share suggestions from others with Lyme who have had success getting more mobile with a certain regimen.

Resources: When we find a Lyme-related article, podcast, interview, website, or other type of resource that we really love, we are going to share it with you! By embedding helpful links into the newsletter, we hope to offer continual guidance and support from outside outlets that we deem reputable.

Q&A: One of the biggest shifts we are moving towards is making the newsletter more interactive. We want you to write in your questions about Lyme disease, and each issue we will select a query to answer in-depth.

We don’t want this newsletter to be all about us! We want it to be all about you! That’s why we are opening it up as a platform for discussion. Have a question about Lyme? Send it in! Have an exercise regimen that’s working really well for you? Tell us! Have a go-to recipe? We’d love to hear about it! Participating in or even coordinating a Lyme awareness event? Let us know! We want this to be a space where not only we interact with our patients, but where our patients interact with each other. We want to highlight whatever is working for you, so that we can get it working for other Lyme patients also! Sound awesome? We think so too.

With excitement,
-JSC Anchor